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It is easier to track time you spent on all your projects and convert them into invoices with a click of a button. FREE plan will let you test the time tracking and invoicing platform and helps you grow your business.

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With Minterapp, It is easier to track time and generate client’s invoices to keep your business running.

Online Time Tracking Tool for Businesses

Minterapp is a time tracking tool for startups and small businesses who want an online tool that automatically tracks their project’s time and generate an invoice in a single click. At Minterapp we want to help businesses with project time tracking so that they can focus on other parts of the business and grow accordingly.

Our timesheets will help you track all hours spent in
different departments on your projects.

Easy Tracking & Getting Paid

Clients love using us because it is so simple. You will have the ability to track your time on projects as billable or non-billable. Your powerful reports will give you insights about your business you would never know. Time tracking on projects has never been so powerful.

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