The best way to grow your business is to adapt and employ all the latest technologies. Contemporary software enables an excellent customer experience which helps in driving more customers to your business. For example, a live chat app is considered to be the best user communication channel of all. A live chat application promotes user engagement and increases your sales.

Many customers acknowledge quick and immediate responses. Efficient customer support not only makes them happy but also makes customers forever loyal to your brand. Prompt responses make users happy, and indirectly their buying decision relies on these responses. 

A live chat app is one of the few online tools that provide personalized support and prompt responses. But, every business must sustain and stand out in this competitive world.

What is sales productivity?

Every business strives to be more productive and spend more time closing deals. The actual definition of sales productivity is the rate of closing deals for the amount of time and hard work invested. But efficiency is all about doing smart work, not hard work.

Outliers or great performers help you identify and determine the most promising methods to enhance productivity. 

How does a live chat app help improve the sales productivity of your business?

Live chat app enables businesses to incorporate live interaction with customers and chatbots across websites. It can also embed across a mobile application to respond to a broad spectrum of consumer issues. 

Officials can establish permissions based on their job roles, set up predetermined responses, delete or edit the prospect’s data, and monitor the status of the lead.

The live chat app allows the team members to label data, display the location information, establish a typing indicator, and spontaneously assign queries to appropriate staff members. 

You can also have the sight of chat history within a platform. It operates across numerous domains and provides customization options, robust security, and business-grade attributes for user interactions.

Ways to improve sales productivity with a live chat app

When you embed a live chat app into your website for your business, you can transform any customer interaction into a long-lasting relationship. In addition, it promotes high customer satisfaction and upgraded agent productivity.

Now, let us look at the strategies to improve sales productivity with a live chat app.

Transform your prospects into loyal customers

Your prospects do not know what exactly they want and they conduct a lot of research. Your actual task begins now! Never leave your prospect without making the purchase. Just ask them what they want, explain to them about your service or product, and drive them to make a deal. 

A live chat will grasp the users’ interests straightaway, whereas email responses take time and might make the consumer lose interest.

Provide prompt response

A live chat app allows the business to answer the customers immediately. Nowadays, customers look for prompt replies while chatting compared with other communication channels. 

Therefore, the business has to meet the requirement of the customers as soon as possible. Live chat apps have ascertained that they provide an excellent opportunity for promoting consumer relationships and resolving consumer queries.

Know your prospects more

A live chat app lets you determine your prospects and understand their needs and interests. It will aid you in adapting and altering your market tactics after you know your customers’ requirements.

Get feedback from your customers

Customer feedback adds excellent value to the brand, irrespective of a good or bad review. It helps you better your strategies in terms of serving your consumers. If the consumer feedback is good, the customer support team will provide impeccable services to your customers more enthusiastically. Then the possibility of retention of customers will increase automatically. 

If the feedback is wrong, make sure to make changes in terms of serving the customers. Make sure you provide a maximum of seven questions in the brand’s voice. The tone of the questions asked in a live chat app for feedback should be empathic and have a mobile-friendly platform.

Give detailed solutions for the query asked

When you offer your customer a detailed solution in the live chat app for the query asked, it allows your customer to learn and understand your brand’s services more. It also enables the support team to refer to previous consumer interactions to assume future queries and ways to respond to them. 

In this way, the team can provide appropriate and precise answers to the questions asked by the customers.

Incorporate live chat app with CRM

Integrating live chat into CRM software is essential as it gathers every customer’s information and helps improve customer satisfaction. This information will help provide services and products to the customer’s needs. 

In addition, it is helpful and advantageous to conduct market research or improve the sales process depending on the data collected.


A live chat app is essential for every business to provide better customer services, increase sales productivity and ensure a healthy customer relationship.

Having a live chat app integrated into your business promotes customer satisfaction and helps you understand them more. Integrating live chat into your website is like welcoming the customers with open arms, and resolving queries faster will boost customer retention.

Therefore, investing in a reliable and effective live chat app that helps you track customer interactions, increases sales productivity, and provides adequate solutions.