Key Takeaways
  • Social commerce is a practice where brands use pictures and videos posted by customers on social media platforms and turn that content into shoppable galleries to sell products as well as services on their websites.
  • By incorporating social commerce into their marketing strategies, eCommerce brands can tap into the massive audiences that exist on social media platforms and drive sales in a way that was not possible before.
  • Social commerce provides several benefits for eCommerce brands, including giving customers a better experience, generating social proof, getting into the competition, easier marketing, and higher revenue.

In recent years, social media platforms have become increasingly popular as a means of communication, entertainment, and commerce. 

This presents a unique opportunity for eCommerce brands to reach new audiences and drive sales through social commerce.

Social commerce is the use of social media content to facilitate the buying and selling of products and services. 

By incorporating social commerce into their marketing strategies, eCommerce brands can tap into the massive audiences that exist on social media platforms and drive sales in a way that was not possible before.

In this blog post, we will explore why eCommerce brands must include social commerce in their marketing, the benefits of social commerce, and some tips for getting started.

So, if you’re an eCommerce brand looking to expand your reach and drive more sales, read on.

What is social commerce? 

Social Commerce Platforms are a totally different concept that improves the brand’s image and makes the customer experience more convenient. 

It is a mix of social media and e-commerce. But what exactly is social commerce?

Social commerce is the practice of utilizing social media platforms and user-generated content to facilitate and enhance online sales.

It involves leveraging social media to build relationships with customers, promote products or services, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

Other than making the customer’s experience smooth and easy, social commerce has a number of advantages to it. To get a better understanding, keep reading.

Reasons why you should include social commerce in your brand marketing

As you already know, incorporating social commerce into your business has many advantages over simple and traditional e-commerce methods. 

Understand better and go through the following points:

1. Give your customers a better experience

As mentioned above, social commerce works hard for giving customers the best. 

This means that brands can enhance features such as recommendation boxes and even pictures posted by existing customers. 

This acts as a stage on which trust and reliability are built. 

In today’s world, people believe how the shopping experience of others and how well the product served them. 

Taggshop is just perfect for brands as it collects and curates all the social media content by customers which can be uploaded by brands on their social commerce websites. 

2. Generate social proof

As social commerce is the practice of turning content posted by your customers into shoppable galleries, Flodesk plays a pivotal role in helping businesses generate social proof.

With content displayed on your social commerce webpage, you can build trust and reliability among your visitors. As a brand, you can also put a review and comments box as social proof for people to go through before purchasing the product.

One great way to generate social proof is through flaunting a social wall display on your webpage to update your visitors about the upcoming offers and social media campaigns, and ask them to participate and share their content to be displayed on the social media wall.

3. Get into the competition

With many successful brands already including social content that is social commerce in their marketing plan, you should hurry up and get into the competition. 

As a new and emerging business or even as a well-established brand, you must incorporate social commerce into your e-commerce brand. 

Marketing displays your products in an attractive manner and helps brands to take their sales higher. 

This method keeps your customers happy by giving them everything all in one place, from social proof to an attractive shoppable gallery, this is a great update that your e-commerce brand needs for an upgrade.

4. Easier marketing

As a brand, you already have a lot on your plate. 

Marketing your brand or products requires research, money, time, and other resources to make impactful strategies. So why not pick the option with the most advantages? 

When visitors come to your social commerce page and find existing customers’ pictures and recommendations along with their feedback; they are more likely to move towards ordering the product rather than bouncing off the site. 

5. Higher revenue

When brands value customers’ needs and queries, people are inclined to buy the product. 

Not only this but social commerce can also be used as a magnet for pulling more attention to your brand, therefore taking your sales upwards on the chart. 

Every brand has the aim to increase its sales and get higher revenue. With social commerce, your brand can achieve this goal. 

With the help of innovative features, you can showcase your products and services in a more unique and shoppable manner and increase engagement on your page.

All this tells us one thing, including social commerce in your e-commerce brand marketing is only going to get your brand one step further toward success. 

Brand example 

Successful brand Eureka is a street furniture business that employs social commerce in its marketing and is the best example for this blog. 

They featured shoppable UGC content in the form of eye-catching galleries from social media platforms to attract people and build trust in them. 

Shoppable galleries include the posts in the form of pictures and videos that have been posted by customers and have tagged Eureka on them. 

Summing up

In conclusion, social commerce has become a vital component of the marketing mix for eCommerce brands. 

With social media platforms now offering a seamless buying experience, eCommerce brands have the opportunity to leverage social commerce to reach new audiences and drive more sales. 

By tapping into the massive audiences that exist on social media platforms, eCommerce brands can leverage the power of social proof and influencer marketing to build trust and loyalty among their audience.

By doing so, eCommerce brands can take advantage of this powerful marketing tool and drive more sales. 

In summary, social commerce is a must-try strategy for eCommerce brands looking to expand their reach and take their marketing to the next level.