Minterapp – An online Time Tracking Software Discerned for Its Exceptional User Experience by a Notable Business Software Directory

A popular review platform for B2B and SaaS solutions recently brought a smile to our faces. FinancesOnline conducted a review of Minterapp and scrutinized everything it has to offer, comparing and contrasting it as well with the 20 best time tracking tools in the market to deliver an objective analysis. Pleased with Minterapp’s simplicity for accurate tracking of billable time, FinancesOnline distinguished us with the Great User Experience award for 2018.

The Minterapp team is thrilled to receive the Great User Experience award after having passed a thorough FinancesOnline study, as we have worked tirelessly to provide all businesses with a simple and powerful time tracking and invoicing tool. The award is given to software solutions across various categories that boast an exceptionally designed user interface and great ease of use, making it easy to facilitate one’s day-to-day activities overall.

FinancesOnline had this to say after a thorough analysis of all Minterapp features: “Minterapp is an online time tracking and project monitoring software rolled into one, providing businesses with a lightweight yet robust solution that enables them to accurately track billable time per user per project and easily convert those hours into an invoice with just a push of a button.”

Below is a rundown of how Minterapp benefits businesses, according to FinancesOnline:

  • Smooth integrations with a large selection of software solutions for efficient time tracking “in any project.”
  • Automated time tracking whenever an employee logs in and monitors time spent on each project “down to the second,” which leads to accurate billing.
  • Detailed reports provide “a clear picture of your projects, resources, and deadlines.” This greatly helps for efficient planning on how to better execute projects and effectively allocate resources and manpower.
  • Easy sending of invoices without having to exit the invoice page.

Minterapp was also awarded as a Rising Star for its highly positive feedback from clients.

Visit FinancesOnline to read the full review and try Minterapp to simplify project time tracking today!