In today’s digital age, guest posting has become an important strategy for businesses and individuals to gain exposure and build their brand online.  

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, involves creating and publishing content on another website or blog that is not your own.  

It is an effective way to increase your online visibility and reach a new audience.  

By contributing valuable content to another website, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry, build your brand reputation, and drive traffic back to your own website.  

Additionally, guest posting allows you to connect with other bloggers and influencers in your industry, which can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of guest posting, strategies for finding free guest posting sites, examples, strategies, tips, list of free guest posts sites, best practices, and dos and don’ts of guest posting.

Benefits of guest posting on other websites 

  • Increases your online visibility 
  • Establishes you as an authority in your industry 
  • Builds your brand reputation 
  • Drives traffic back to your own website 
  • Connects you with other bloggers and influencers in your industry 

Strategies for finding free guest posting sites 

  • Search for relevant keywords in your industry 
  • Use online directories and search engines 
  • Look for sites that feature guest posts from other writers in your industry 

Examples of search terms to use when searching for free guest posting sites 

  • [industry keyword] + “guest post” 
  • [industry keyword] + “write for us” 
  • [industry keyword] + “submit a guest post” 
  • [industry keyword] + “guest post guidelines” 

Tips for evaluating the quality of free guest posting sites 

  • Check the site’s domain authority 
  • Look for sites with an engaged audience 
  • Read other guest posts published on the site 
  • Review the site’s submission guidelines to ensure your content meets their requirements 

List of free guest posting websites

Sr. No.Domain NameContact DetailsCategories Accepted  Various niches  Technology, gadgets 
3 Tracking, Productivity, Team Building, Leadership, Small Business, Problem Solving Strategies, Team Development, Team Building Games, Problem Solving Strategies, Time Blocking, etc.  Technology, IT, cybersecurity  Business, marketing, tech 
6 Business, Marketing, Social Media, Technology 
7 Entrepreneurship, Business, Marketing, Technology 
8 Business, Investing, Leadership, Entrepreneurship  Technology, startups, AI 
10 Productivity, Self-improvement, Health, Lifestyle 
11 Health, Wellness, Sustainability, Spirituality 
12 Home, DIY, Food, Pets B2B marketing 
14 Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Health 
15 Psychology, Mental Health, Wellness 
16 Psychology, Mental Health 
17 Career, Job Search, Workplace, Professional Development 
18 Home, Lifestyle, Food, Family 
19 Food, Cooking, Recipes 
20 Food, Cooking, Recipes 
21 Food, Cooking, Recipes  Small business, entrepreneurship 
23 News, Culture, Politics, Music 
24 News, Politics, Culture, Environment 
25 News, Politics, Culture, Opinion 
26 News, Entertainment, Culture, Lifestyle 
27 Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle 
28 Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle 
29 Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness 
30 Technology, Science, Culture, Business 
31 Technology, Reviews, Gadgets 
32 Technology, Business, Security 
33 Technology, Reviews, How-tos 
34 Technology, How-tos, Reviews 
35 Web Design, Development, UX, Graphic Design 
36 Web Development, Design, Business 
37 Web Design, Development, CSS 
38 Web Design, Development, Graphic Design 
39 Books, Reading, Literature 
40 Books, Reading, Literature 
41 Writing, Content Creation, Marketing 
42 Writing, Content Creation, Marketing 
43 Blogging, Writing, Content Creation 
44 Social Media, Marketing, Business 
45 SEO, Marketing, Digital Advertising 
46 Marketing, SEO, Business 
47 Influencer Marketing, Social Media 
48 Event Planning, Management, Marketing 
49 Travel, Budget Travel, Destination Guides 
50 Travel, Destination Guides, Culture, Adventure 
51 Adventure, Outdoors, Environment 
52 Outdoor Recreation, Hiking, Camping 
53 Travel, Flights, Destinations 
54 Travel, Destinations, Food 
55 Travel, Hostels, Budget Travel 
56 Hospitality, Hotel Management 
57 Hotel Industry, Hospitality 
58 Architecture, Design, Art 
59 Architecture, Design, Technology 
60 Architecture, Design, Home Decor 
61 Home Decor, Interior Design 
62  Social media, blogging 
63 Country Living, Home, Recipes 
64 Food, Wine, Recipes 
65 Food, Recipes, Cooking 
66 Psychology, Productivity, Health, Motivation, Work, Relationships, etc. 
67 Home Decor, Lifestyle 
68 Home Decor, Interior Design 
69 Home Renovation, Interior Design  Mobile app security  Marketing, advertising 
72 News, Politics, Opinion  Technology, gadgets 
74 News, Politics, Culture 
75 News, Politics, Culture 
76 News, World Events, Opinion 
77 News, Politics, Culture 
78 News, Politics, Culture 
79 News, Politics, Culture 
80 News, Politics, Culture 
81 Fitness, Health, Lifestyle 
82 Men’s Health, Fitness, Lifestyle 
83 Women’s Health, Fitness, Lifestyle 
84 Running, Fitness, Health 
85 Fitness, Bodybuilding, Nutrition 
86 Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups 
87 Business, Finance, Tech 
88 Business, Innovation, Technology 
89 Business, Management, Leadership 
90 Technology, Startups, Venture Capital 
91 Technology 
92 Travel, Adventure, Culture 
93, Opinion, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology, Business, etc.
94, News, Sports, Lifestyle, Technology, Business
95 Marketing, SEO, Business, Productivity, Web Design, etc.
96, Tech, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media.
97, Sales, Service
98, Tips & Tricks, Success Stories, Leadership, Career
99, Illusion, Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Art, etc.
100 Marketing, Content Creation, SEO, Promotion, Social Media Marketing, Measurement and ROI, etc.
101 Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO, etc.
102 learning, Social & emotional learning, Technology integration, etc.

We wish this list of guest posting sites will add value to your marketing process and bring new customers. Please take note that the list of guest posting sites is made up of our personal experience. These sites may change their guest posting criteria in the future.

Best practices of submitting a guest post  

Below are the best practices for submitting a guest posts: 

Research the blog  

Before submitting a guest post, make sure to research the blog and understand its audience, tone, and style.  

This will help you tailor your content to fit the blog and increase the chances of it being accepted. 

Follow the guidelines 

Most blogs have specific guidelines for guest post submissions. Ensure you read and follow these guidelines carefully to increase the chances of your post being accepted.  

Some common guidelines may include word count, formatting, and topics to avoid. 

Create high-quality content  

Your guest post should be well-written, informative, and engaging. Make sure to proofread and edit your content before submitting it. Consider collaborations for additional insights and expertise.

You can include relevant images or videos that can make your post more visually appealing and engaging. 

Offer unique perspectives 

Try to offer a unique perspective or take on a topic to make your post stand out from others.  

However, it helps to increase engagement and make your post more shareable. 

Engage with readers 

Once your guest post is published, engage with readers by responding to comments and questions.  

It helps to build relationships with readers and increase your chances of being invited to submit future guest posts. 

Promote your post  

Once your guest post is published, promote it on your own social media channels and website.  

Additionally, it helps to drive traffic to the blog and increase your own visibility and credibility as a writer. 

Dos and don’ts for guest posting 

Following are the do’s and don’ts for guest posting: 

Dos for guest posting 

  • Research the blog or website you want to guest post for and ensure it is a good fit for your content and target audience. 
  • Follow the guidelines provided by the website or blog owner for guest posting, including word count, formatting, and tone. 
  • Craft a high-quality, informative, and engaging post that adds value to the website or blog’s readership. 
  • Include a clear author bio and headshot with your guest post, including links to your website and social media profiles. Professional headshots can enhance your credibility and make your bio more engaging to readers.
  • Share your guest post on your own social media channels to drive traffic back to the website or blog. 
  • Respond to comments and engage with readers who comment on your guest post to build relationships and establish your expertise. 

Don’ts for guest posting 

  • Don’t submit low-quality or irrelevant content just for the sake of getting a backlink or exposure. 
  • Don’t include too many self-promotional links or overuse keywords in your guest post, as it can come across as spammy. 
  • Don’t use copyrighted images or content without permission from the owner. 
  • Don’t ignore the blog or website’s guidelines for guest posting, as it can lead to your post being rejected or deleted. 
  • Don’t neglect to proofread and edit your post for spelling and grammar errors, as it can damage your credibility as a writer. 
  • Don’t ignore readers’ comments or fail to respond in a timely manner, as it can damage your reputation as an expert in your field. 


As we step into the world of 2023, the power of guest posting is stronger than ever. It’s a powerful way to build your online presence, establish yourself as an industry authority, and connect with other like-minded bloggers and influencers.

The world of guest posting is waiting for you, so let’s get started and make your mark in the online space!