With the vast number of specialized skills that are necessary to effectively utilize today’s digital marketing methods, it’s no surprise that most businesses offload the heavy lifting to an agency that knows what they’re doing. This makes sense, as it allows you to focus on other work instead of spending days or weeks trying to understand a new concept.

But with a countless number of agencies all vying for your attention, choosing the right one can be challenging. Not every agency is worth your money and the reality is that many of them are inexperienced. To help you make the right choice, consider the following qualities when looking for a digital marketing agency.


Everyone needs to start somewhere, but this is not a time to risk working with an agency that opened a week ago. An experienced and credible agency will be able to give you an idea of what they offer so that you can determine whether they’ll reach your expectations.

Take a look at their reviews on platforms such as Expertise and Yelp. Read through the testimonials on their website. Do they appear to be authentic? Ask them if you can get in touch with past clients, contact these clients and ask about their experience. Find out whether the agency is established on social media and if their website looks professional.

Is there anything else that proves their credibility? For example, on the homepage for marketing agency Ten Golden Rules, you can see where they were featured in the news, the large companies they’ve worked with, and the awards they’ve won.

Standout Service

One of the main reasons it’s so difficult to choose an agency today is that they all seem to offer the same thing. This is reflective of the amount of effort they put into their services. If they’re willing to go the extra mile and offer something nobody else does, then they’re probably a good choice.


It’s great if a digital marketing agency has a talented team who knows everything about SEO and can create beautiful websites. But are they able to communicate this effectively? After all, communication is a key component of digital marketing. A good agency will be able to correctly interpret your strategy and translate your goals without delays or mistakes, all of which depend on a well-structured agency workflow.

This also applies to the social media aspect of your strategy. The right agency will build interest around your brand and keep your audience engaged. A simple check of their own social media profiles should be telling of their competency when it comes to this.


SEO, social media trends… many components of the digital marketing world evolve at lightning pace. What might have worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. A good agency will know this. Find out whether they’re adaptable by assessing their online presence and asking how quickly they can respond to new demands.


So, the right agency will have a proven track record, good communication skills, flexible services, and a unique approach. If they meet all these requirements, then you’re on the right track.