There is nothing more important for a web developing team than collaboration. Additionally, working on any project as a team takes abundant amounts of organization and excellent communication. However, if you have ever worked with a team before, you know that those things aren’t always so easy to come by. Basecamp offers web developers a way to achieve all three – collaboration, organization, and communication. Which, in turn, will give your team all the tools you need for success.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a project management web app that allows you and your team access to all of your project’s work and communication in one convenient place. Your tasks, communication, files, documents, and more are all located in a single location online.

You are able to use Basecamp for multiple web development projects simultaneously and can toggle between them as you need to. Everything on Basecamp shows up in real-time, so if you make an update, you know that your colleagues can see it right away. Basecamp also makes integration with your calendar and email quick and easy.

More good news: the cost for Basecamp isn’t prohibitive. Plans start at $20 per month for as many as ten projects and 3GB of files. There are additional pricing tiers if you have a bigger workload, and all tiers include unlimited users, SSL data encryption, and automatic daily backups. And they give a free 45-day trial period to make sure Basecamp is right for your team.

Setting Up Basecamp

Setting up Basecamp is user-friendly, as is setting up your first project. Creating a project is as easy as naming your project, adding some minor details for a sub-heading, and then inviting your team members via email. That’s it! And you are able to include team members within other departments, businesses you partner with, and you can even invite clients so they are able to access the progress of your team.

Once your project is set up, you can use Basecamp in whatever way you see fit. Here are a few ways you might find Basecamp useful.

Group Communication

Communication is essential in any group project. With Basecamp, you are able to use a discussion feature that puts all project-related discussions in one easy to access location. It works a lot like email – you give the discussion a title or subject, enter your content, and then select the team members who you want to be notified about it. The recipients you choose will be sent an email about the discussion, but anyone on the team will be able to see the communication.

An additional feature that is useful is the ability to loop in additional people to a single discussion, without adding them to your project team. They won’t be given access to your Basecamp, but they will be able to read the message via email and reply as necessary. This is a great feature for including other departments on conversations that they need to be a part of, without providing them with full access to your project.

Task Management

The Basecamp platform allows you to keep all your tasks together, but individually assign them to the team members responsible for them. You can set a due date if you want to, but it’s not required. If you do, tasks are automatically entered into your Basecamp calendar, which allows you to see all of your tasks for the day, week, or month in one spot.

The task management system offers you a lot of options for how you set up assignments. You can make a list that includes every part of a specific assignment, assign it to the appropriate team member, and give it a due date. Or, you can make a task list of the overall stages of web design, creating items for what each part entails. Whichever you decide, the tasks that are assigned to team members are easily accessible on their “Me” page, making it simple for them to see what they have left to do.

This flexibility makes it an ideal solution for a web developers company, allowing efficient project coordination and management.

Documents and File Management

Sending files attached to emails is the most common way to share them. However, when you are working on a team in which various people need to have the ability to access and update the files, you know that using email attachments isn’t always the most efficient way to do it. Attachments get lost, you may not have access to the most recent version, or even have the right file. Basecamp puts all of your files and documents together in one location, with only the most current version available. And, they can be uploaded individually, or as part of a discussion or task.

Mobile and Email Work

These days, it’s important that your project management tool is mobile. With Basecamp, you are able to access your projects on all your mobile devices. You can easily add to your task lists, discussions, files and documents by simply sending an email to your custom project email address. Adding to your project can be done anywhere that you can access the internet with your mobile devices.

Scalability and Customizable

Basecamp is designed to grow with you and your team’s needs. You can start with just one project and expand to as many as needed, aggregating all tasks together in one location for your convenience. You can also customize the specific features that you need with Basecamps app platform. Choose the apps you want or need to make your experience exactly what you’re looking for.


Basecamp makes project management easy. It provides easy organization, collaboration, and communication for all of your web development projects. It’s a fantastic way to stay on-task, quickly evaluate your project’s progress, and keep all of your teammates accountable for their contributions to the project. Using Basecamp, you will see an improvement in the workflow and collaborative efforts of your team, which increase efficiency and creates happy clients.