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Creating Estimates For Your Clients Never Got Easier...

Every new client will love your estimate to invoice process.

We make it simple for you and the client to move to project.

Create Professional Estimates Online With Minterapp

Freelancers, to small businesses, and more will love this feature. You do not have to create estimates in Word and convert them over to PDF for your client to sign and fax back. That is a thing of the past. We make it really easy for your business to send a professional invoice with terms and agreements. The client can accept the estimation for their project or service you will be completing for them.

Our Key Features Include:

  • SOW & Contract Agreements Section
  • Client can Accept/Reject the Estimate
  • Updated in Realtime
  • Notification if Client Has Looked at the Estimate
  • Download to PDF for Safe Keeping

Once your estimate is accepted, you can easily create an online invoice for the company to by you directly through Stripe, Paypal, or You also have the option to accept checks or other forms of payment and manually mark the invoice as paid.

Test drive this feature and we hope you love using Minterapp for all your project time tracking and invoicing needs!

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