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How To Create Online Invoices

We have two great options for you to create online invoices with our system. You can make static fixed project invoices or you can create invoices based on the hours tracked in our system. Minterapp will take your hours tracked from our online time tracking feature for a given project/client and generate the invoice and send it to the client for payment. We also have an option if you send an estimate to your client and they accept it, you can convert it to a static invoice. Great option when your team is going through their sales process. You can find out more about our online invoicing features below.

Our Invoice Features Include:

  • Reoccurring Invoices
  • Get Paid by Stripe, Paypal, or
  • Reminders Sent For Late Payments
  • Invoice Reports
  • Professional Look

Try our time tracking application and grow your business to the next level. It is free to try.

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