Asana Time Tracking with MinterApp

Perfect extension while working with Asana. Manage time tracking with Minterapp for all projects in Asana

Try Asana Time Tracking with Minterapp to let your team track time for the tasks they work on.

How Asana and Minterapp works?

Integrating Asana is so easy. Few clicks and you are all set to go with Time Tracking for all the hard work your team does. Simply follow below steps and get rolling.

  1. Sign in to Minterapp
  2. Click on Manage
  3. Select Apps
  4. Click on Asana
  5. Click on “Connect Minterapp to your Asana Account”
  6. Enter your login details for Asana

It will ask you to grant permission, so click on “Allow”
Hurray! You’re all set to track time with Minterapp. Asana integration is done. You can now import all the projects of your choice into Minterapp and start tracking time. Do note that for time tracking you will need to download Chrome Extension. It will display all your Asana projects. Simply select the project for which you want to track time.

Get Minterapp Chrome Extension

Why Asana Integration?

We understand you are working hard and you love Asana for managing projects. But what about tracking time on the projects you work on? It would be awesome if your tiring work gets tracked right? To these great efforts put by you our team developed Minterapp integration with Asana to

  • Understand where your team spends time and make insightful decision
  • You can extract reports from the tracked time and convert them into invoice
  • We have free Chrome Extension that lets you track time on your Chrome browser
  • Check how much time you have spent on projects & tasks

This is what makes Minterapp a great tool for your business. Asana + Minterapp is a dream come true for small to medium size businesses.

Things you will love with Asana Integration

No fancy integration, just a chrome extension that lets you easily track your time while writing notes and project updates on your Asana tickets. Happy time tracking!

The metrics you will love to find out working with Minterapp and Asana are the following:

  • Team Utilization Metrics – Know how utilized your team is. If they are working on billable and non-billable work.
  • Project Budgeting – Find out which of your projects in Asana are profitable.
  • Creating Invoices – Now that you have had your team easily track time, you have the option to send your client an invoice. This takes your business from tracking time to sending invoices to your clients easily because you have your team tracking time.