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Overview of How Minterapp + Trello Works

Trello is a great project management tool for your team to organize and track their progress on various tasks. With our Trello time tracking app, your team members can log how long each task takes to complete. Our solution is easy-to-use so your team members can focus on their tasks instead of logging time. In addition to tracking time, Minterapp offers many detailed reports that project managers can use to measure utilization.

Once you’ve integrated your Trello account with Minterapp, you can import all your projects into your dashboard and immediately start tracking time. You can also use our free time tracking Chrome extension to start tracking time through your browser. Your team will love Minterapp because it is simple and accurate. You will love it because you gain valuable metrics that will help you with project budgets and deadlines.

  • Time tracker stopwatch integrated directly in the Trello Card.
  • Manual time tracker input field directly in the Trello Card.
  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Detailed reports

Why Minterapp?

Minterapp makes time tracking easy by integrating it into your workflow. Your team will get up to speed fast and you’ll get the info you need to analyze your business and invoice clients.

  • Timer in Every Card – Our Chrome Extension adds a timer in every cardso you can easily start your timer. The easier it is for your time to track,the more compliance you will have.
  • Track Project Hours – If you are not sure how long your projects aretaking, you will never know if they are profitable or if you made correctprojections. Minterapp will help you track on Trello!
  • Invoice Clients – Our product not only tracks time, but you can alsoconvert these to billable hours and invoice your client. Time track ontrello and let Minterapp help you get paid.

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