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Employee Time Tracking Report

Employee Time Tracking with Minterapp is so much fun! There’s lot more you can do with Minterapp. You can track the time report on the basis of your

  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Specific task that you’ve created for the project
  • Users ie. your employees
  • Variation with hours like billable, non-billable etc.

So, now you can generate the report as per the time frame you need and export the timesheet report to keep it for yourself or you can automatically email them to your reporting head. This is all about the fun part for the managers. Let’s look how interesting it is for your employees. We have Clock-In/Clock-Out Functionality which works on a single click to make it easy for your employee to input the time.

Integration with Basecamp

Basecamp is project management tool that helps you to communicate with your clients by keeping you all on the same page. It had been tedious till date to track time on any different time tracking app while you are working on a project and communicating via Basecamp. More time you take to log in the different app, less time you can dedicate to the projects. To this process, Minterapp came up with of integration with Basecamp.

Yeah, it’s quick and easy to track the time on Minterapp while you use Basecamp:

  • You can invite your team members
  • Connect your Basecamp 2 and 3
  • Import all projects in Minterapp
  • Download free chrome extension and lot more.

With Minterapp, make your business decisions smarter. Check the tutorial to check how the Basecamp Integration feature works.

Integration with Trello

Trello is also a project management tool, trusted by millions of people all over the world to organize the workflow of the projects. But time tracking was a question until Minterapp integrated with Trello. We delivered a complete solution by making the team members more focused on task rather than logging time. In addition, we offered detailed time report for managers to measure the performance.

Once you’ve integrated Trello with Minterapp, you can import all your projects on your dashboard and quickly start tracking. You can also use our free Chrome extension to start tracking the time via your browser. Your team will love Minterapp because it is simple and accurate. You will love it because you gain valuable metrics that will help you with project budgets and deadlines.

Features included:-

  • Time tracker stopwatch integrated directly in the Trello Card.
  • Manual time tracker input field directly in the Trello Card.
  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Detailed reports

To know more about the Trello Integration, check out the video.

Chrome Extension

Minterapp Chrome Extension ensures that you log the hours that you work. It helps you to track the real-time and it is so easy to access. You simply need to download the Minterapp Chrome Extension

It’s a free application that will help your team to track their time. Look at the amazing features below:

  • Login directly to your Minterapp account
  • Connects to a module for Project Time Tracking
  • You can find time sheets under tracking tab and lot more.

You can explore new features by downloading our Minterapp Chrome Extension

Billable and Non-Billable Time Tracking

Learn to make better estimates with our Billable and Non-Billable Time Tracking feature. As you start working on more projects you will start recognizing repetitive tasks. So, if you are tracking your time you will probably know the amount of time spent on billable and nonbillable hours on daily basis.

Thus, you can filter the time spent. Do note that it may vary as per the type of project you work. On the basis of your past experience, it will help you to make the quotation for your next project or client. As now, you perfectly know the efficiency level of your team. Filter your profit yielding employee with Minterapp.

Utilization Metrics Report

Minterapp helps you to take the most important decision ie. Hiring. With utilization metrics report, you can have an overview of your team’s performance and avoid overstaffing in your company. It gives you a graphical presentation to have a quick look at the performance. In case of improper utilization, you can make a quick decision on what to do next? Hire more resources to distribute and optimize the tasks.

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