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Track Time Anywhere

Minterapp is Cross-platform tracking solution. It is integrated with various project management tools which makes it easier for your employees to share their exact time involved in any project. It is the simplest time tracker to help you to get things done.

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  • Employee Timesheet

    It quite easy to have Detailed Time Report with Minterapp. It showcases the billable as well as non-billable hours for the whole week along with expense log report.

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  • Basecamp Time Tracking

    Your employees can track their time by synchronizing projects and using chrome extension. It’s so easy to track on the to-do list on Basecamp 3 with just a single click.

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  • Trello Time Tracking

    Once you integrate Trello with Minterapp, you can import all your projects on your dashboard and start tracking the time with our chrome extension.

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  • Chrome Extension

    With Minterapp chrome extension, you can track project time even by using your favourite project management tool like Basecamp 3, Trello etc.

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  • Billable & Non-Billable Time Tracking

    You can track your employees’ time who’ve worked for billable as well as non-billable tasks. This filters profit yielding employees on completion of a project.

  • Utilization Metric Reports

    Make important hiring decision by having an overview of your team on Utilization Metric Reports. And avoid overstaffing or understaffing again.

Invoice & Get Paid

With Minterapp, you can create invoice with just few clicks. You can create static invoice as well as TimeSheet Invoice. You can also send an estimate to your client. Once they accept it, you can convert it into a Invoice

Learn more about creating Invoice

  • Recurring Invoice

    You can create a recurring invoice that can be automatically send on predefined time gap viz. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or create custom time frame.

  • Get Your Invoices Paid Online

    You can set payment terms with your clients. Once you’re done, your invoice are organised into our system for you to get paid through our online software.

  • Reminders Sent For Late Payments

    If your clients’ skips from their mind to pay you the outstanding amount, relax! Minterapp has the best feature to send a reminder email and set you free from collecting your dues.

  • Detail Invoice Reports

    Track the status of all invoices. It shows pending, late or paid invoices in one go. This helps you to analyse your top clients and know the money flow in your business.

  • Professional Invoice Templates

    We have a sleek design of invoice which is professional. You simply need to upload your logo and fill out the invoice details, rest will be taken care by our App.

Create Estimates

From Small to mid-size businesses and freelancers, all of them will love creating estimates with Minterapp. It makes it so easy and simple to send professional estimates with clear terms and agreements. Here client can accept the estimate with just one click.

Learn more about creating Estimates

  • SOW & Contract Agreements Section

    Streamline your Statement of Work when you create the estimate. It works best for freelancers and small businesses who creates contract with their estimates with Minterapp.

  • Client Can Accept/Reject The Estimate

    You can easily create an online invoice once the estimate is accepted by your client. Then you can directly get paid through Paypal, Stripe or

  • Updated In Real Time

    Worried for any missing information or wrong figures in invoice sent to your customer? Hold, you still have the right to update the same old invoice with Minterapp.

  • Get Notified for Estimation Activity

    We keep the log for no. of times the estimate has been viewed by the recipient. Minterapp also track their ip address, date & time of the activity which make it easy for you to take followup.

  • Download To Pdf For Safe Keeping

    To keep the invoicing records pretty safe, Minterapp makes it simple by its own feature to convert the estimates to PDF for file keeping or they can sign and fax you back.

  • Look Professional, Be Professional

    You can send professional email with the estimate you created. It will have your company logo along with proper breakdown of the services/task that has been agreed with the client.

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