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Time Tracking Online with Minterapp on Basecamp 3

Minterapp is Now Fully Integrated to Start Time Tracking on Basecamp 3

Your team will love how easy it is to track time and see where your time is being spent

Video Tutorial On Our Integration

Overview of How Minterapp + Basecamp 3 Works

Since the release of the new APIs from Basecamp our team has been working hard to build a robust product that will help your team easily time track on Basecamp 3. To successfully time track, you need an application that makes it easy for your team to track time, and also provides you important detailed reports so you can understand where time is being spent on your projects.

Simple Steps to Start Time Tracking

  • Sign Up For Minterapp –┬áTry us FREE for 30 days!
  • Invite Users – Add your team to Minterapp so you can track how much time your employees are working on to-dos.
  • Go to Settings – Connect through Basecamp (We have options for Basecamp 2 & Basecamp 3.)
  • Import Projects – You can import one or all of your Basecamp projects in your account.
  • Download Chrome Extension – Our Chrome extension gives you the ability to time track your to-dos easily in Basecamp.

Give it a try and start tracking time in Basecamp. Thanks for checking us out at Minterapp and we are looking forward to help grow your business!

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