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Minterapp will work best as timesheet tracker for you and your worker

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We know how expensive timesheet software can get for small businesses. Enterprise software can cost thousands of dollars per month while all you are trying to do is have your employees clock-in & clock clock out.

We have a solution for easy employee time tracking. Your workers can come to the office in the morning and manually log their hours for the day, or they can click on the “Start Timer” button which will start logging your actual time in real-time until they punch-out for the day.

Our Key Features

  • Secure Server
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out Functionality
  • Weekly/Custom Reporting
  • Export Timesheet Reports
  • Automatically Email Timesheet Reports

Our product is simple and flexible to meet your business needs. We have many companies using our simple system to generate time-sheets and submit them to payroll to get paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis.

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