Most companies at one point started from a freelancer or a group of freelancers joining together. This is a special story for Minterapp as we started in the Web Development niche helping companies build an online store for their business. A small group of freelancers joined forces and rapidly grew our team to 20+ developers helping hundreds of companies a year.

What did we learn from this rapid growth?

  • You need build efficient processes in every department
  • You need to stay lean
  • You have to understand your cash flow
  • You need to understand profitability of your projects
  • You need to specialize and dominate the niche!
  • You need to strategically partner with companies


With this entire bullet list we could not have built a company generating 1 million dollars in revenue yearly. A big factor to keeping our cash flow steady is Minterapp! We use our platform daily to keep our process efficient, keep us lean, understand our cash flow with detailed reports, and to understand what projects are profitable.

This application is nailing 4 out of the 6 steps to running a successful business and we know that all freelancers and small companies will enjoy the same.

Minterapp helped us find our profitable services.

Every project we did, we added it to our application. Our employees would work on the projects and monitor all hours we worked on different tasks. Since Minterapp is integrated into Basecamp, it made it super simple to track our time because this is where we held all client and internal communication for all projects. Once we identified our profitable projects, we doubled down! We put all our energy into generating leads and closing deals in that segment.

Like all businesses, you need to evolve and test new segments. Well, we do and we use Minterapp to tell us the real story because numbers do not lie.

Tracking Our Cashflow

As a freelancer or small business you need to know your cash flow. You get detailed reports with Minterapp that will help you understand the health of your business. Not only that, it will help you get paid faster with automated emails and easily identifying all your pending and paid invoices on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Trust me, when you are closing 20+ web development consulting deals on a monthly basis, you need an easy way to track and make sure your clients are paying.

There is a lot more you can even do with this platform. You can even track individual sales reps to see how much they are closing on a monthly basis. Simply powerful.


Minterapp is an affordable solution that freelancers and small businesses can use to time track their projects and get paid by invoicing them directly through the platform. You can easily receive money through Paypal, Stripe, or A free trial makes it a no brainer on why you should try out the product. Give Minterapp a try and start streamlining your business today!