How many times have you wished for more hours in the workday? Even the best workers among us deal with various productivity killers.

But here’s what time management experts know: How to utilize my hours for the best possible productivity?

Give yourself a time management makeover and start each day with intentional goals. It doesn’t have to be just for work, but you can focus on other areas of your life such as your health and personal life.

Here are 10 proven time management hacks that you can use to increase your productivity:

1. Have less or no meetings

2. Stop being a perfectionist

3. Short, time-sensitive, measurable victories

4. Identifying the most effective and eliminating the rest

5. 4-Bucket identification technique

6. Communicate properly

7. Use of rituals for Changes

8. Remove interruptions

9. Make small decisions

10. Kill procrastination

Here’s a detailed infographic for these hacks:


time management hacks infographic


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