Minterapp - Alternative for Time Doctor Time Tracking

Minterapp is the most effect time tracking app as compared to any other time tracking softwares in the market.

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In comparison to Time Doctor Time Tracking software, Minterapp has a long list of features to explore. Don’t have Minterapp account? Start a free trial today

Why Minterapp over Time Doctor for Time Tracking?

It is easier to track time and generate reports with Minterapp as compared to Time Doctor. Minterapp bridges the gap for the loopholes with the system of Time Doctor.

Let’s have a look at the time tracking features in comparison with Time Doctor.

  1. Minterapp syncs the time correctly with the all other project management tools like Basecamp, Asana, Trello etc.

  2. You can archive old projects and tasks in Minterapp.

  3. You can sync all the tasks from the Project Management Tools mentioned above to Minterapp

  4. Time reports can be generated from Day 1 the employee has feed into the system.

  5. The screenshots are way clear than Time Doctor. This is a sensitive concern for those who worked in finance department.

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