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Time Doctor Time Tracking Alternative

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Time doctor vs Minterapp

Time Doctor is a very simple and straightforward time tracking application alternative. It takes the to-do list items from Basecamp and synchronizes them to its own service, talk about user friendly. Time Doctor offers a simple user interface.  Worried about finding your way around?  Time Doctor eliminated that fear by asking the user leading questions to provide a clear guide. Most users have to rely on a company’s blog or helpful Youtube videos to figure out navigation, so we thought this was a nice touch!

It has an actual timer for starting activities, as well as “break” buttons. Time Doctor also has the ability to show you how much time each user spends using apps or visiting web sites.  We found that workers who had to spend a significant amount of time on other websites due to jobs like social media management found this aspect frustrating because they will constantly be interrupted with messages like “are you still working?”  Annoying, but not a deal breaker if you are looking for a simple time tracking alternative then you should try Minterapp today!

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