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Rescuetime Time Tracking Alternative

Minterapp is a Great Alternative Solution to Rescuetime

Enjoy Simple Time Tracking, Team Utilization, and Invoicing

Minterapp is a Great Affordable Option

Minterapp Vs Rescuetime Time Tracking Alternative Solution

Rescuetime has been a good older application that has been in the market for a bit. We had the opportunity to sign up for a free trial and tried to get started. Rescuetime let’s you track time by downloading applications on your computer or use their chrome extension. Right out of the gate, it makes it harder to try their system.

One thing you will like about Minterapp is that you can create a project, and start time tracking in seconds. We make it super simple to get your team setup and start tracking time. This is what we believe you will love over using the Rescuetime Application. The next best this is our pricing structure. We have a free plan and a plan starting at $9.95. Check out our pricing page.

Our feature list including integrations with top project management products like Basecamp, Asana, and Trello is a huge plus as this is where you team will need to track your time. There are two important things when choosing the correct time tracking application.

  1. Make sure it has the reports you need
  2. Make sure it is easy for your team to onboard and be complaint

Our team has worked hard to make a simple solution for you so you can start tracking time and this is why we believe you will love using Minterapp and makes us a great Rescuetime alternative.

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