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Replicon Time Tracking Alternative

Minterapp is a Robust Alternative Solution to Replicon

You Can Enjoy Easy Time Tracking, Team Utilization Metrics, and Invoicing

Minterapp Great Alternative Affordable Solution

Replicon vs Minterapp Solution

Replicon offers users a smooth user interface, good functionality, and flexibility when it comes to connecting to other project tools, even tools outside of Basecamp like Excel.  Are you looking for a time tracking alternative that can stay with workers that are constantly on the go?  Managers and their employees will both love the mobile application; it’s fantastic for expense tracking, especially for taking pictures of receipts. However, when it comes to actual time reporting, users tend to prefer the desktop version, as the mobile version does not offer the same amount of ease in that arena. Replicon offers a function called “the percentage complete” making it easy for users to see how much time they have left in a project or task.

In an ever distracting World, this was one of our favorite benefits!  Replicon offers a slew of packages right out of the box, and you’ll pay for those services per user.  That can get pretty pricey compared to alternatives like Minterapp, plus you have to be very clear on all of your HR/Vacation policies, etc to whomever you choose to implement.  Overall, Replicon is a simple way of tracking time and even retrieving records. They also make it a priority to make upgrades along the way which is always a thumbs up!

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