Mailchimp for Minterapp

When you connect your Minterapp account with Mailchimp, you double the power of connecting with clients and win more business.

Integrate Mailchimp with Minterapp to get the privilege of being in touch with your clients at ease.

How Mailchimp and Minterapp works?

The Minterapp integration with Mailchimp is quite easier. It powers your marketing and sales team to help you to grow better.

Follow the simple steps to get the integration done:

  1. Simply login Minterapp and Mailchimp account.
  2. Go to Manage
  3. Click Apps
  4. Click on Mailchimp Integration
  5. Click on “Connect Minterapp to Mailchimp Account”
  6. Enter the credentials again and Log In

That’s it. Integration is done. You will get list of names that you have in Mailchimp here which you can choose from. Select the client and it will show you that they are not subscribed. You simply need to select them all and click on subscribe. It just takes few seconds. Now in ‘Manage Subscribers’, you can select the clients and send them emails.

Why Mailchimp Integration?

Minterapp integration with Mailchimp makes your marketing team work flawlessly. Simply connect your Minterapp account with Mailchimp and sync your customer data, generate more revenue and grow your business. It is a simple and great tool to grow your sales. You can use it for:

  • Streamlining your marketing campaigns
  • Powerful automation for online sellers
  • Sync all contacts and keep them updated
  • Holiday Promotions
  • Send a Drip Campaign
  • Seasonal Promotions
  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Automate follow-ups
  • Send personalized notification