Let’s Start Tracking Your Time Spent on Your Projects!

Welcome to new year! It is the year to make some big changes and organize yourself or your company to understand where you are spending time and resources on your projects.

Imagine if you can look at a project after you have completed it and be able to easily breakdown where you have spent the most time on. You could use excel spreadsheets but our product Minterapp can easily help you breakdown your project into different departments and projects so you can understand where your company is spending its valuable resources.

Here is how it works.

Create Different Departments

Your company is made up of different departments. For example: Marketing Agency, they will have a department for Account Managers, Designers, Developers, Marketers, and maybe more. Each employee can track hours based on the department they are in.

Assign Bill Rates – (You can do this for invoicing purposes or just to see internal costs)

Now that you have your departments, you can easily assign different billable rates or even the cost of that department. This way later on, you can see the cost of the entire project, or generate an invoice based on the time tracked.

Create a Project

Create your project you want to start tracking time on. You might have just an internal project or have many projects. You can track as many projects as you want with Minterapp.

Have Employees Track Time Spent

This is the easy part. Create users for every employee you have in Minterapp. Whenever they work on a specific project, have them add their time to the time sheet. They can even leave detailed notes on what they worked on for the day.

Analyze the Data with our Reports

You will have reports from the admin panel to see all the hours spent on specific projects. Outside of that you can dive into the information deeper by analyzing the day to day work your team has worked on. This is very powerful and can help you make important decisions.


If you have never time tracked before on your projects, this is an easy step you can incorporate into your process. The data you generate from tracking your project time will help you evaluate where key resources are being spent. You can use this information for a variety of decisions related to staffing, cost structure, profit/loss calculations, and much more.

Enjoy our free version at Minterapp and let’s all have a strong year!