Harvest is a great product but there are some key reasons why you will love Minterapp as a great alternative for all your time tracking. The key reason is that it is simple and our pricing is more affordable!

We are packed with features to make sure you are time tracking your projects from start to finish. We have built this product to help you understand where your time is being spent as a business. Also, if you need to convert that time into an invoice, our system can do that with a click of a button. This is why Minterapp is a great alternative to Harvest.

Features of Minterapp Include:

  • Time Tracking
    • Tasks
    • Billable/Non-Billable
    • Team Utilization Charts (Awesome Feature!)
    • Set Hourly Rate
    • Basecamp2 Integration / Basecamp3 – Using Chrome Extension
    • Trello
    • Reports of All Employees Tracking Time
  • Invoicing Features
    • Create Static Invoices
    • Create Invoices based on Timesheets
    • Create Reoccurring Invoices
    • Get paid with Paypal, Stripe, or Authorize.net
    • Quickbooks Online (Coming Soon)

Our staff is ready to help you onboard to our platform. Start tracking your business hours today and understand your utiliziation. Our robust reporting dashboard is why we are a great Harvest alternative. We give you the metrics and insights that you need right at your finger tips. Know where you have spent the most time on project, what your team utilization is, and who owes you money. We like to this of this as your Business Report Card.

We would love for you to give our platform a test drive for 30 days for free! You will love using our system as the best alternative to all major time tracking and invoicing applications out on the web today.