Best Odesk & Elance Alternatives and Competitors in the Market

Time has passed and you are looking to outsource some more work. You all of a sudden find out that your favorite platform for outsourcing work is no longer available. That is right, Odesk and Elance the outsourcing giants have been merged, bought out, and no longer in the market. They are now owned by Upwork and there has been some ripples in the market about the experience businesses have had on Upwork. So how can you find affordable talent to help you run your business.

Here is a list of Odesk and Elance alternatives, now known as Upwork that you will love. has been around since 2009. They are a publicly traded company in Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker ASX:FLN. So we are talking big time here, this is not just a small outsourcing platform. When you are publicly traded company backed by shareholders, they will have a heavy push for profits. This can be seen in their fee structure. is good if you take the time to weed through all the candidates that have applied for your project. Once you vet out the candidate and see they are good, I highly recommend as a good alternative to (Upwork – formally Odesk & Elance)

Guru is another great competitor and alternative to Upwork. Their main office is located in Pittsburgh, PA. They have a rock solid support team. If you are looking for some serious talent, you have the option to feature a project for $29.95 which will give you the most qualified Gurus applying to your position. Remember, we use these platforms to find quality at an affordable price. Our experience is if you are a bottom feeder, you will get bottom of the line work. There are some good freelancers on this network looking to partner and become a good asset to your team.

This platform is free for the employers which is great! You get to have a flood of talent come into you for free while you go through the candidates and see who is the best one to start working with.

Good Ol Craigslist

We had to put this one in here because we have found some great talent on Craigslist. The best thing is you can find someone local in your area that might fit your business needs. When growing a company objectives/tasks change on the fly and having someone local is a big plus. Now, you might start paying more of a premium, but there is a lot of young good talent that can help you grow your business.

We suggest using Craigslist for the following:

  • Website Content/Blog Posts
  • Graphics For Your Business

Small projects are best because sometimes you might find a person becomes unresponsive. This is like all freelancers that you hire, you need to vet everyone you are trying to work with. Who knows, you might even meet your next business partner on there!

TextBroker – For Content

TextBroker is highly recommended for an affordable fast paced turnaround time when it comes to paying for content for your website or blog posts. They are affordable and a great solution outside of Upwork, formally Odesk and Elance.

Our experience, you can get high quality content for your blog from around $10-$20. It is all about preparing and giving the content writer the information needed so they will be successful. Here is a small template you can use for when you use Textbroker for outsourcing content.

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This will give the freelancer the ability to write the article quickly and properly.


Fiverr is a great place where you can get jobs done for $5. This is not really five dollars for everything. We have personally used this company and have paid freelancers between $10-$100.

They have been great for the following:

  • Video Animations
  • Small Design Jobs
  • Email Templates

Check their portfolio and their reviews. It is a great way to find some good companies that can help you at an affordable price. Great competitor and alternative to Odesk and Elance, now known as Upwork.


These are some great alternatives and competitors to get the freelancers you need. Over the years, what I have found is that I build solid relationships with our freelancers and we eventually move off these platforms. This means more money for the freelancer directly which you will be rewarded with better work. This is my personal experience and it might not work out for you. Let us know your experience working with freelancers and what has been the best platform for you to connect with workers and get projects done at an affordable price with the highest quality. In the end, that is all that matters!


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