2016 – Q3 Product Upgrade Features & Q4 Minterapp Roadmap

We had an amazing Q3 this year and we are excited to let you know all that has been released and what we are planning on doing next! Here is a list of key features that we launched.

Features Completed in Q3 2016

  • Team/Employee Utilization – Now you can understand how utilized your team is. Make strategic business decisions based on your metrics. Never have another blind spot! Check out our team utilization feature.
  • Increased Server Speed – With more users, we had to upgrade our servers and fine tune our code to make sure the applications runs faster. We will continue to look for improvements and make upgrades in Q4 as we grow!
  • Chrome Extension – Developers will love this tool and so will other time trackers. Now time track straight from your browser. You can download the extension here.
  • Payment Bug – We identified a payment issue and this is resolved. Your accounts should no longer downgrade so you can continue to enjoy our product.
  • Invoice Report – Now see how much you got paid in a given month not only by Created/Issue Date.
  • Delete Invoice – Now you can delete invoices if they were paid manually. (We know, this should have been done a while ago)
  • Minor UI & UX improvements
    • Create new project/client from Time-sheet page
    • Search Projects/Clients Easier
    • Payment Page Improvments

We have been really busy to help improve our platform and Q4 is going to be even bigger!

Q4 Roadmap

  • Internal Tool Redesign – This upgraded design will come in 2 phases.
    • Phase 1 – Upgrade the overall UI of Minterapp giving it a modern look and feel keeping all the current features in an easier and friendlier look.
    • Phase 2 – New Reports & New Dashoard
  • Time/Invoicing Filtering – More robust filtering for  invoices & time tracking
  • Update Paid Invoice Tags – You will have access to make updates to all paid invoices. Currently, we have the option to make updates to all invoices except paid.
  • Bulk Update Time Tracking & Invoices – Give you the ability to update your metrics in bulk. That way if you need to update your tags to understand certain metrics, this will be easy to do.

This list will grow with feedback but we are excited to make some major improvements to our product for you to enjoy!

Minterapp Team

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