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Time Tracking on Trello with Minterapp

Want To Start Tracking Your Time Spent in Trello?

Minterapp Will Help Your Team Easily Start Tracking Time While Working in Trello Daily

Trello & MInterapp Tutorial Video

How To Get Started with Minterapp & Trello

Trello is a great application where you can create pipelines to track your progress of your projects. As developers ourselves, we find it very useful to use our Chrome Extension for tracking time on Trello. To get started you will need to sign up for Minterapp which is free and then download our chrome extension. Watch the video to the left to understand how to time track on trello.

Download our Chrome Extension Here.

Time tracking on Trello is now simple after you add all your projects from your Minterapp account. After adding the projects you can use the Chrome Extension to start tracking time directly from Trello moving forward. Your team will love it because it is simple to use. You will gain valuable metrics and help you hit project budgets using our system.

Features included in Trello Time Tracking:

  1. Time Tracker Stopwatch integrated right into Trello Card.
  2. Manual Time Tracker input into Trello Card.
  3. Budget Projects
  4. Understand Where Time is Being Spent


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